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This tutorial will help newcomers learn how to use the online classroom platform by example. We will explain how to use the platform, including setting up your account, accessing your course and program materials, and how to make progress. If you still have any questions after reading this tutorial, please contact us for further assistance.


Each time a new browser version is released, we begin supporting that version. The online classroom platform supports most recent browsers. This includes the following versions:

  • Chrome: latest
  • Firefox: latest
  • Edge: 2 most recent major versions
  • IE: 11
  • Safari: 2 most recent major versions
  • iOS: 2 most recent major versions
  • Android:
    • Oreo (8.0, 8.1)
    • Nougat (7.0)
    • Marshmallow (6.0)
    • Lollipop (5.0, 5.1)
    • KitKat (4.4)

When using this platform, please make sure you have a good internet connection, and enabled cookies and JavaScript in your browser.

Application Link and Additional Considerations

  • The new online classroom platform can be accessed via this link
  • Add * to your email whitelist to prevent emails from New York Data Science Academy from filtering into your Spam folder

Getting Started

Online Account


  • You may register your NYC Data Science Academy account by clicking Sign up now button at the bottom of the login page.
  • In the registration page, you need to enter your full name, email and a secure password. We will use your email as your unique identification across the system.
  • Once you have reviewed the Terms & Conditions, check the box on the left, and click Sign up to finish the registration process


  • The system will always redirect you to the login page if you're not logged in
  • To log in to the system, simply enter your email and password, and click Sign in

Reset Password

  • If you forgot your password or you would like to reset your current password, just click Forgot Password
  • Once you have clicked Forgot Password, there will be a reset password link sent to your email address. You can use the link to reset your password.

Home Page

On the home page, you will see all of the Programs and Courses you are enrolled in. The programs will be displayed first and the courses will follow after. On each program or course card, there will be some progress information displayed.


Action Icons

There are two sets of action icons displayed in the menu bars on the top right and left side of the page.




The home icon, on the top right, redirects you back to the homepage where you can see your program and course enrollments.

Mentor Meetings

If a mentor is assigned to you, there will be a light bulb icon where you may schedule a meeting with your mentor. Mentors are experienced professionals working in the industry who will provide guidance when you are struggling with the material. Currently, this service is only available for certain Programs.

Schedule a New Meeting

If you would like to schedule a meeting with your assigned mentor, you can click the light bulb icon. Once you click the icon, there will be a pop-up dialog as showing their availability.


All dark bolded dates on the calendar are the dates which your mentor is available. When you select the date, choose your desired length of time for the meeting on the right. It will then show you their available time slots for that specific day. You may leave a note in the next step.


Once you have completed all the steps, it will ask you to confirm your appointment. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after.


Cancel an Existing Meeting

If you already have an appointment with your Mentor, when you click the light bulb icon, your current appointment information will show up in the pop-up dialog.

If you would like to cancel the appointment, just click on Cancel Meeting button.


Name Drop Down

When you click your name, on the top right corner, a drop down will appear to allow you to view your profile information or to logout

User Profile

Go to Profile.

The profile page contains your basic user information. You may edit your name, email address, or progress report settings (currently only for courses) here.

Log Out

Simply click the logout button and it will log you out and redirect you to our authentication system.

List Enrollments

On left side of the home page, the list icon will hide or show your program and course enrollments

Course Catalog

The magnifying glass icon, on the left side, will redirect you to our course catalog, where you can browse and purchase part-time online courses.


You can join our forum by clicking the discussion icon on the left side.


The handshake icon, on the left, will redirect you to our referral system where you can earn rewards when you refer a friend to NYC Data Science Academy and they are accepted into our data science program. The reward is only eligible for our data science program alumni.


The question mark icon, on the left, will redirect you back here to this wiki page.


Programs are intensive learning experiences at NYC Data Science Academy. It is a collection of lectures and projects grouped by subjects which help you learn a variety of tools used by data professionals.

Program Overview

This page describes the content of the program. It lists out all units, their descriptions, and lectures. You can access this page by clicking the corresponding item in the left sidebar or by clicking program card.



Lectures are the core learning components in a unit. You can access them from the overview. In a lecture page, you can see the resources the lecture provides.

Lecture Resources and Homework Submission

To download the class materials, you can click resources in the left sidebar. If the lecture has homework, there is a submissions option which allows the user to upload their homework so it can be reviewed by a mentor.


Lecture Panels

Lecture panels are subsections of a lecture and they consist of multiple parts: videos, class notes, and exercises.



Projects are essential to programs. Completing all the projects are required to complete programs. They allow you to put what you learn into practice and also help build a portfolio so of data related work. Projects are displayed as cards in the Projects page. You can access them by clicking the action buttons on the cards.


Project Page

The project page details the goal and instructions of the project.


When you have completed your project, you can submit your project at the end of the page.


Project Submissions

When submitting a project, you should write a short description of your project and post a link to you project. It can be a link to your github or a link to a web application if you have created one. If you had work with others on this project, you can add your fellow team members to the project.



If the program is live, there is a specific schedule for the lectures. The timeline will the specific time of each lecture.


Courses are self paced learning experiences where a user can focus on a specific single subject.

Enroll a Course

Step 1: Select and Pay

  • Online courses can be found at All Online Courses. You can use this page to select and filter courses.
  • Once you have decided to enroll a course, click Start Learning or Enroll Now in the course information page. The course will be added to your shopping cart. If you'd like to add more courses, just go to other courses page, and repeat this step.
  • To purchase the selected course(s), click the shopping cart icon on the top right. This will redirect you to checkout page.
  • Enter your payment information and email address
  • Once the payment has been successfully processed, the system will send you an activation email for each course which you have paid for.
  • Use the activation link(s) to finish enrollment. Please see below.

Step 2: Activate

Note: It is required to have an NYC Data Science Academy account before you activate any online courses. To register an account, please go to Email Registration Page.

  • Once your payment has gone through, you will get an email from [email protected]. That email contains the activation link to enroll an online course. The link can only be used once. Please make sure don't disclose the link to anyone else.
  • Click the activation link in the email. Your browser should open automatically. If it didn't open up, just simply copy and paste the link into your browser.
  • If you're not logged in, the system will ask you to log in first. Once you're logged in, you will be able to confirm your enrollment as shown in the figure below.


  • When the enrollment is confirmed, you will be able to see it on your dashboard. Also, the system will also send you an enrollment confirmation email like as shown below.


Course Overview

The course overview lists out the course information. On the overview, you can view your progress in the course.


Select and Switch Chapter

Clicking on the video row in progress table will direct you to its Course Learning page. If the video has multiple chapters, their titles will show up on the left side by default. You may hide/unhide them by clicking Hide Chapters/Show Chapters button. If you would like to view its detailed information or switch to a specific chapter, you can just click on its title. The expansion panel contains the exercise titles in each chapter. Clicking the titles which underneath the video player will have the same effect.


Take Notes

As shown below, if you want to take some notes while watching a video, just click NOTE tab. Your note will be synchronized with our server every 10 seconds, so you can always come back to view your previous notes.



If you click the big Practice tab on the right, you will see the exercises for the current chapter.

The system now supports three types of questions:

  • Multiple choice questions
    • Single answer
    • Multiple answers
  • Coding questions
    • Python
    • R
  • Data visualization questions
    • Python
    • R

Once you submitted the right answer, the question will be marked as completed in the chapter's expansion panel.

Support and Help

If you have any questions regarding the use of this platform or want to report a bug, please use the Leave a message button, on the bottom right corner of the page, to let us know. You may also reach us at [email protected].